Android NDK vs Android SDK

This post throws some light on when to use Android SDK over NDK or vice versa. This is a on-going post and will be updated as my research continues on SDK/NDK comparison. Please leave comments if you want to contribute in this list.


  • Pros
    • Enables legacy code re-use between iOS and Android platforms
    • Good for implementing CPU intensive operations that don't allocate much memory like signal processing, physics simulations
  • Cons
    • Seems to introduce security and stability issues
    • NDK activities disables SDK feature use like broadcast receivers, content providers, services. Some better SDK libraries becomes un-usable in NDK.


  • Pros
    • Java has superior memory management model
    • Superior threading model
    • Better exception handling model
    • Rich set of libraries
    • Superior support for unicode characters
  • Cons

1 comment:

  1. As per my concern, JVM runs java program and JVM itself is a process for OS.And anyway after executing a java prg JVM passes it to OS.


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