VideoView vs MediaPlayer vs YouTube player API

I was looking into streaming videos in one of my app.

VideoView is nothing but a wrapper around MediaPlayer. VideoView adds control buttons around MediaPlayer. If you want to do more customization, the MediaPlayer is way to go. VideoView is a quicker way to get started with streaming videos. VideoView and MediaPlayer needs a video url or path ending with mp4, mp3 etc extensions. They can't play videos from Youtube Urls (at least when I tried playing them the way I did for videos with mp4 extension)

YouTube API is useful when you want to play videos based on YouTube urls.  You can embed a Youtube video in your app. But this could be little tricky when positioning it in your app. Also, it comes with API calls quota limits. There is only a certain amount of calls can be made for free by your app, and have to pay going forward.

Conclusion: Its better to use VideoView for offline videos which don't have piracy issues associated with them. I would NOT recommend downloading Youtube videos and bundling with your apps.


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